Mondays are for Solitude

There are so many beautiful places in Michigan to visit during Fall to see the colors and we have done our fair share of traveling around the state in past years. This weekend I decided to do more exploring and finding other places that we can go to relax. Family time is the best!

Many people locally have been sharing their photos on Instagram of Tobico Marsh at the Bay City State Recreation Area and I wanted to take my dog for a walk there to catch the last of the colors. It was a beautiful, sunny morning for a long walk and I love going to the beach when it is cold!

We started out here at the beginning of our walk so we could see the entire view around the water. My dog, Winston was a little scared of the rickety dock so we quickly moved on to the trails around the water. 

The leaves were really beautiful and Winston loved going down to the water when he could get to it. 

I could hang out here all day and just look at the scenery. Once we got to the wooden bridge we had to walk over to the beach to see how cold the water was. 

More photos of the water from the wooden bridge. So many smells for Winston! 

View of the Saginaw Bay from the beach

View of the Saginaw Bay from the beach

We are so lucky to have such a beautiful state recreation park right here in Bay City and we will definitely be back for another visit soon!