Collaboration is my middle name.

I have to say, it is very refreshing and exciting to meet another woman in business that you click with and want to partner with!

Last week a very sweet girl came in to the store and we started talking. She told me she is a photographer and owns a studio in Bay City and wanted to discuss some ideas she has about partnering together. PERFECT! This really intrigued me because I love staying local with my business opportunities and helping our community. 

Together I feel that we have many great ideas and can turn them into events and also help one another grow our businesses. I am so glad Tosha approached me and I invite you to check out her website and view her work! She takes some fantastic photos and has a great personality. I am really looking forward to working together and will be posting updates on the blog and on both Instagram and Facebook so stay tuned!

Visit for more information on her clients and her work!